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01/01/2023 — 5 minutes read

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Bring Order to Your Book Collection: A Comprehensive Guide

Book enthusiasts often face the challenge of managing and organizing their ever-growing book collections. Whether it's tracking which books you own, locating a particular volume, or simply keeping your collection in order, the bring.order2chaos app emerges as a game-changer. This blog post delves into how this innovative app transforms chaos into order, specifically for book lovers.

Embrace the Chaos No More

For those who have ever felt overwhelmed by their sprawling collections of novels, textbooks, and rare editions, bring.order2chaos offers a seamless solution. The app is designed to keep track of a wide range of items, including books, ensuring your personal library is organized and easily accessible.

Starting Simple

The journey to an organized book collection begins with the basics. The process is very intuitive:

  1. Install the App: Available on iOS, Android, and as a web app, ensuring accessibility regardless of your preferred platform.
  2. Create Locations: Define specific areas within your space, such as 'Living Room Shelf' or 'Bedroom Nightstand', to categorize where each book resides.
  3. Custom Categories: Besides the general Books category, you could further use sub-categories like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, etc.
  4. Register Your Books: Add each book to the app, assigning it to a location and category. Utilize the barcode scanning feature for an even quicker setup per book.

Organized and Customizable

bring.order2chaos shines with its ability to track and organize your books meticulously. Here's how it stands out:

  • Custom Locations and Categories: Tailor the app to mirror the exact layout of your personal library and categorize your books in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Barcode Assignment: Use the barcode on each book (or attach your own) for easy tracking and management, supporting over ten different formats.

Smart Features for Book Lovers

The app is not just about basic inventory management; it offers smart features that enhance the user experience:

  • Item Name Suggestions: By scanning a book's barcode or taking a photo, the app can suggest keywords for the item's name, simplifying the process of adding new books to your collection using a powerful AI.
  • Blazing-fast Search: Locate any book within seconds, thanks to the app's powerful search capabilities.

Sharing and Collaboration

One of the app's most appealing features is the ability to share inventories. Invite your family members or house mates. This feature is particularly useful for organizing book swaps or ensuring you don't purchase duplicates of books already owned within a shared household.

Data Export and Cloud Sync

For book collectors concerned about preserving their inventory data, bring.order2chaos offers a built-in data export feature and automatic cloud sync. These features ensure that your book inventory is always backed up and can be accessed from any device, providing peace of mind.

Pricing Plans

The service offers a range of subscription plans to fit different needs, from a generous free tier suitable for smaller collections to more comprehensive plans that allow for thousands of items, locations, categories, and barcodes. The Plus plan, recommended for the avid collector, supports up to 10,000 books, among other items, and allows for sharing access to up to 10 inventories with others.


For book lovers seeking to bring order to their collections, bring.order2chaos offers a comprehensive solution. Its blend of customizable organization, smart features, and collaborative options makes it a must-have app. Say goodbye to the days of lost books and disorganized shelves, and hello to the convenience of having your entire library cataloged and at your fingertips. Start today and transform your personal library with our app!

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